Brand story

JNL brand design elements are derived from the infinite concept of mathematical symbols

Combined with the power symbol, it means creating the possibility of infinity.

Therefore, we actively develop and integrate various types of products such as: home appliances, ovens, electric fans, thermos, electronic pots, gourmet pots, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, gas fryers, quick cookers, electric ceramic stoves, ice-heating kitchens, drinking fountains, etc. Home living categories include sunscreen, clothing, mosquito repellent clips, mosquito repellent patches, stainless steel straws, stainless steel bowls, cups, kettles, fire extinguishers, woks, waterproof extension cords, masks, agarwood, etc.; Popcorn, black scorpion, Taiwanese tea, etc.; beauty masks, skin care products, essences, etc.

Many products are for everyone to enjoy the taste of life (safety, environmental protection, energy saving, humanization, convenience).

We also focus on the promotion of Taiwan’s premium products to the international market. We are also open for any kind cooperation with foreign selected brand products to be introduced to Taiwan so that everyone can buy good products without going abroad.

At present, we are partnering with several major virtual platforms in the domestic market such as (PCHOME, MOMO, FRIDAY, Shenfang, Songguo, Life Market, Lotte, Shrimp Shop), while physical partners are (RT-Mart, Cosmed, Your Chance, Woodpecker, Ting-ting drug store).

We also have cross-border business within eBay, Amazon, Malaysia Shopee, Vietnam Tiki, PC-Home Thailand, and with Indonesia JD.ID

In the future, we will gradually build more resources and integrate the cross-border system for more competitive advantage.