All Occasion Body Sculpting Legging Pants for Fitness Yoga Sporting


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【Product Specification 】

Main material:SUPPLEX Nylon 87%、Spandex 13%
Stitching material:Nylon 69%、Spandex 31%
Available sizes: S、 M、 L、XL
Suitable for female and male of all ages
Size suggestion: choose one size below your normal size.
Available color:black
Fabrics are exquisitely 100% Made in Taiwan, manufactured in Vietnam

【Product Special Features】

Absorb sweat quickly and dries faster with anti-UV material,

Soft, cozy, cool, and breathable refreshing material
Has unique functional textured for keeping warm during the cold of winter
Intensely high durability and strength material,
Uniquely sculpted and protect with supple touch feelings
High-waist design, hip protection, extremely high-fitting
Suitable for all body movement and activities (long sitting, long-standing, knees atrophy, etc)
World-class quality Supplex DuPont fabrics, invented by DuPont which possess high strength and high durability of nylon fibers. Nylon 66’s unique characteristics are on its light, strength, yet soft and durable firm surface. More important is the fabrics also possess cotton’s characteristic of smooth sensation but there are no cotton fibers within this material.

【Why choose us ?】

Wear a long day without discomfort.

Not equally with the same 170 D fitness pants on the market, these pants can equally balance the pressure for stimulating bloodstream circulation.

Finally, we have discovered one pant who can fulfill our waiting for great quality fitness pants, starting from the moment wearing it, has changed our determination towards fitness pants.

▲four needles six thread
▲No issues to wear for long-hours stand-up position
▲Easy to wear
▲Squat Easy
▲Light texture, will not add pressure towards blood circulation
▲Easy to clean