Modeling Mosquito repellent clip


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This product contains US EPA bulletin effective botanical extracts, SGS high-efficiency spectrometer does not contain non-toxic environmental drug DEET test and national university aging test

Use mosquito repellent on clothing to reduce mosquito proximity, its package can be recycled in the clamp bag storage, increase the reuse time

How to use it:

Rip the outer packaging, take out from the garment or close to the inside of the human skirt

Essential oil volatilization indoor about 12-72 hours, outdoor about 8-12 hours


How to save:

This product is a volatile mosquito repellent clip plant essential oil, stored at 20 to 28 degrees. Do not place in the sun



This product is not edible. Reduce mosquitoes close to bites through relevant experiments

If you accidentally get your mouth, eyes, etc., please wash with water,and if you feel unwell, consult a physician immediately


Product specifications: 4.3cm-5.4cm (one piece)

Main ingredient: Citronella essential oil, Eucalyptus, PMD botanical formula

Material: High density spinning made of non-toxic materials, ABS clip